We often work alone, other times we partner with amazing founders, corporate leaders, venture capitalists, and academic institutions to explore deeply uncertain technical landscapes.

Retail ML (Fortune 500)
Stealth-mode research and prototyping with two Fortune 500 retail brands. Learnings successfully incorporated into core multi-billion dollar business lines.
Product design and development for San Francisco-based startup whose mission is to completely reinvent home WiFi. that subsequently won multiple awards, including the 2016 Innovation Award at Cable Congress, and raise more than $37 million from leading VCs, including Comcast Ventures.
Twenty 20
Software engineering for new product and brand, providing a modern, real-world alternative to traditional stock photography who went on to raise a total of $32 million over five rounds.
Pro Football Focus
Developed initial software product to make in-depth and accurate analysis of professional football performances available anywhere, leading to 69% of NFL teams using the tool and saving teams hours of work each week.
Designed and developed a mobile-first platform that connects current events to historical timelines. Timeline was recognized by Apple as one of the “Best Apps of the Year,” Best New App in 88 countries, and Editor’s Choice in 10 countries.

Throughout our work we have one clear North Star: building the world we want to live in.